File No. 819.55/23.

The Secretary of State to the American Chargé d’Affaires.


The Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs, through the Legation at Peking, asks that you be instructed to assume temporary charge [Page 1123]of Chinese interests in Panama. He adds that he is again telegraphing the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Panama to conform to the requirements of the law and to refrain from further stupid actions.

As to lending your good offices for the protection of Chinese interests, you are referred to the Department’s mail instruction of February 17, 1908,1 and telegraphic instruction of March 21, 1913.

  1. Not printed in 1908. The instruction is as follows:

    Department of State,
    Washington February 17, 1908.

    Herbert G. Squiers, Esquire,

    Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your No. 186 of the 24th ultimo, requesting the Department to furnish you with some specific rule as to when you are permitted to lend your good offices in favor of Chinese subjects residing in Panama.

    In reply I have to say that the Department is of the opinion that the published instructions on the subject of representation by our diplomatic and consular officers of the interests of third governments, to be found in the volume of Foreign Relations for 1871, page 28; that for 1872, page 5; and that for 1897, page 1076, are sufficient for your guidance.

    I am etc.,

    Robert Bacon,
    Acting Secretary.

    (File No. 4516/4.)