File No. 312.11/1282.


118. The exact text of a note just received from the Foreign Office follows:

Relative to the questions pending between our Governments, I have the honor to assure your excellency of the friendly attitude of Mexico in its desire to settle them satisfactorily.

The Government of Mexico not only wishes to show that it is moved by the highest sentiments of justice and that it desires to create closer relations with the United States, but to demonstrate by actual deeds that, the national crisis having passed, it wishes to initiate a reorganization of the country by satisfying all claims founded on law and equity.

With reference to the Chamizal case the Government has deeply interested itself in order to establish definite bases to the end that this question may be promptly settled and with this object in view proper instructions will be given to its Ambassador in Washington who will have the prompt settlement of this case as the main object of his diplomatic mission; and inasmuch as it was started and carried on at that capital it would seem that it should be now continued there to a definite conclusion.

With reference to the Colorado River * * *.1

I believe that the above will convince your excellency that the President of the Republic has given preferred attention to the matters in question and that when they are definitely decided he will do everything necessary to have them closed as soon as possible and in accordance with the general principles of law and the highest equity.

As soon as compatible with careful study of the foregoing, I desire the Department’s instructions thereon. The matters of the Chamizal, Tlahualilo, Colorado River, and the Alamo, Douglas and [Page 975] El Paso claims, may be considered as settled in a satisfactory way, as our contentions are acceptable in principle. * * *1

Henry Lane Wilson.
  1. The remainder of this telegram is irrelevant to the present subject; it is printed under Claims of American citizens against Mexico, etc.
  2. The omissions are irrelevant to the present subject; the entire telegram is printed under Claims of American citizens against Mexico, etc.