File No. 312.11/1209.


58. Mr. De la Barra began our interview today by saying that he wished our conversation to be considered as friendly and unofficial and not for a moment binding the Provisional Government in any wise, as it was simply an exchange of ideas to lead to a definite settlement.

He first took up the Chamizal case and recited at length his discussions with Mr. Knox, indicating he was now prepared to propose an exchange of the territory and that if the United States would cede the islands of San Elizario and Beaver, near El Paso, Mexico [Page 973] would be able, in conformity with national sentiment, to cede El Chamizal based on interpretation of the treaties of 1853 and 1884. The exchange could be made as Mr. De la Barra had proposed while he was Ambassador at Washington, but the arrangements could not be carried into effect until Mexican sentiment had been prepared. * * *1

  1. The remainder of this telegram is irrelevant to the present subject; it is printed under Claims of American citizens against Mexico, etc.