File No. 711.1215/412.

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Ambassador.


Your No. 1309 of March 12. Seek a personal and informal interview with the President before the possible departure of Calero for Washington. Express the gratification of this Department at the disposition of the President, shown in the interview you reported, to reach a practical solution of the Chamizal question, for an early settlement of which this Government is most solicitous. Add that the Department was glad to learn, from the note of the Mexican Embassy of March 9, that Mexico is willing to consider the proposals of this Government “on the understanding that they are not to deal with the question of the validity of the arbitral award or the possibility of scientifically determining the site of the river bed in 1864.”

By this the Department understands that neither Government is to be expected at any stage in the proposed negotiations to admit the correctness of the contention of the other with respect to these two mooted questions; and that without prejudice to the position of either Government—which positions may be expressly recited if desired—the negotiations will seek solution on a basis of mutual convenience.

As suggested in its memorandum of August 24 last, the Department desires the details to be taken up in personal negotiations at Washington as soon as possible. You will express the hope that [Page 966] the Ambassador here may be so instructed as to enable him to take them up without delay.

You are authorized to discuss this matter in your discretion personally and informally with the Foreign Office and especially with Calero.

Huntington Wilson.