File No. 312.52/2.

The Secretary of State to the American Ambassador.


Your telegram 73. You may inform the Spanish Minister of the following instruction to the Consul at Eagle Pass.1

Your telegrams2 relative to the situation of foreigners in Ciudad Porfirio Diaz and the measure of protection that should be afforded them by you. In connection with your first duty, to insist upon the protection of Americans and their interests, you are authorized to use your good offices in all proper cases to assure so far as possible the safety, efficient protection and welfare of other foreigners in your district, and you may use such good offices in gaining the acquiescence of the local authorities in any just requests made by other foreigners in so far as you may be desired to interest yourself in such matters. As to the refusal to allow foreigners to leave, you may informally and unofficially but none the less earnestly say to the local authorities that this Government regards such procedure as absolutely irregular and unwarranted in the circumstances and that the foreigners should be immediately permitted to leave if they desire to do so and should, indeed, be given all possible facilities and protection in their movements.

  1. Opposite Piedras Negras (Ciudad Porfirio Diaz).
  2. Not printed.