File No. 812.00/10316.

The Secretary of State to the American Consul at Nuevo Laredo.

No. 217.]

Sir: The Department encloses herewith a translation of a memorandum, dated December 16, 1913, from the Mexican Embassy at this capital, stating that the authorities of Laredo, Texas, have forbidden transit to that place of all persons supposed to be connected with the Mexican Federal Army.

You are instructed to bring this matter to the attention of the Laredo authorities, and report to the Department if there is any foundation for the statements made in the memorandum.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Wilbur J. Carr.

The Mexican Embassy to the Department of State.

The Mexican Embassy is in receipt of information to the effect that the authorities of Laredo, Texas have absolutely forbidden transit to that town of all persons supposed to be connected in any manner with the Mexican Federal Army, not excepting the private individuals who form the Defensa Social [Page 884] in Nuevo Laredo, who are not allowed to cross from that side although they do not carry arms and wear no uniform, and only wish to cross for the arrangement of private matters, their interests being thereby injuriously affected.