File No. 812.113/2190.

L. L. Fierros, representing certain Constitutionalists, to the President.


It has reached our knowledge that a consignment of arms and munitions of war including a rapid-fire gun has reached Laredo, intended to be crossed for the supporters of the Huerta criminal government of our country. As Mexicans, and desiring that the slaughter of men fighting for constitutional rights in our beloved cause,1 we respectfully petition Your Excellency not to grant permission for the exportation of such arms and ammunition intended for the army of Huerta. And we further request, if it please Your Excellency, that if in your judgment the Constitutionalist party in Mexico is fighting earnestly and sincerely for that which is most dear to human sentiment of liberty and independence, that due consideration be given to men in the Constitutional army and their belligerent rights recognized. We love men but liberty is dearer. We want in Mexico the same form of government that you have and enjoy in this great country. We do not believe that an army of assassins should govern the destinies of our fellow-men and coldly and without cause murder the people that support and feed them. Let the people rule in Mexico and help us establish in our dear and humiliated country the true government for and by the people. We thank you for due consideration.

In representation of two hundred and thirty-eight Mexican citizens:

Your humble servant,

L. L. Fierros.
  1. This should probably read: “in our beloved country cease.”