File No. 812.00/7100.

The Governor of Texas to the Secretary of State.

Dear Sir: I quote below report of Sergeant M. W. Hines of Company B of the Texas Ranger Force, to the Adjutant General of Texas:

In regard to the condition I have found here, beg to report that at present Eagle Pass and vicinity have about 1,800 or 2,000 strange Mexicans, who are strong partisans and they represent practically every faction in Mexico, and they make no pretensions in concealing who they are for, and they are taking active interest in their various sides.

The Mexican element of Díaz, across the river from Eagle Pass are over here in large numbers. Most of them seem to be in favor of the Huerta government, while the American Mexicans who live here are strongly against the Huerta government.

There is no doubt but what both sides are smuggling arms across the river below this place. The people residing along the river say that they are crossing all of the time practically, and it seems they are not molested any from the number of reports that I have.

At one time the Texas State authorities endeavored to assist in the enforcement of the neutrality laws, but after the Secretary of War stated that it was none of our business, I directed efforts to cease, as I did not wish to have any conflict with the Federal agents or authority.

I am sending you this report for its reference to the proper department of the Federal Government.

Yours truly,

O. B. Colquitt.