File No. 711.002/146a.

To the diplomatic officers of the United States in Argentina, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Haiti, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and Sweden.

Sir: I transmit herewith a copy of the treaty entered into on the 7th instant with Salvador.1 You will notice that it embodies all of the details suggested in connection with the President’s plan for securing investigation in all cases of dispute. While Salvador was walling to have the treaty made in exact accordance with the suggestions submitted, you will make it clear to the Government to which you are accredited that the suggestions in regard to details are purely tentative and that we are ready to consider any modifications that may be suggested. Our chief purpose is to secure investigation in all cases whatsoever and time for deliberation before any declaration of war or commencement of hostilities.

Twenty-six nations have now endorsed this principle, and these nations represent more than four-fifths of the population of the world.

It is not expected that all of the countries will agree to the same details and it is not at all necessary that the several treaties shall be identical in language. Please make this clear and let us know what suggestions the [blank] Government has to make and when it is ready to take up the matter with a view to agreeing upon a treaty.

I am [etc.]

W. J. Bryan.
  1. To be printed when proclaimed.