File No. 811.612/50.


To the Diplomatic Officers of the United States.

Gentlemen: I enclose herewith copies of a circular1 issued by the Department of Agriculture on December 20, 1912, containing the text of an Act of Congress known as the “Plant Quarantine Act,” approved August 20, 1912, and the Rules and Regulations for carrying out the Act.

It is desired by the Secretary of Agriculture that you will transmit one copy of the Act to the Governments to which you are respectively accredited, inviting their special attention to the conditions imposed in Regulation 7 relating to foreign certificates of inspection and informing them that after July 1, 1913, foreign certificates of inspection of nursery stock (which are a condition of entry) will not be accepted except when issued and countersigned or officially sealed by duly authorized officials of foreign countries or their agents in accordance with the provision of the regulation mentioned, and with section 1 of the Act. After July 1, 1913, imported nursery stock not certified, or improperly certified, will be stopped at the customhouses and its entry will be impossible.

I am [etc.]

P. C. Knox.
  1. Circular No. 41, Revised.