72. Telegram 2050 from USUN, December 91

[Facsimile Page 1]

From Stevenson and Dean. Disarmament. Strongly advise against holding up agreement with Soviets on disarmament forum because of French objections to 5–5–8. French have known for weeks we were heading in this direction. They have been fully informed here at every step, and Dept has been informed of their reservations. French refuse to agree to any forum which is negotiable with the Soviets, and since their objection is not to details such as inclusion or exclusion of a Brazza state but apparently to whole idea of resuming disarmament negotiations at this time, we see no alternative but to press ahead. Recognize desirability maintaining best possible relations with French, but believe if they are informed there is no other alternative, they will ultimately come along.

  1. Handling French objections to disarmament forum. Confidential. 1 p. Department of State, Central Files, 600.0012/12–961.