70. Notes on Telephone Conversation between Rusk and Stevenson, November 301

[Facsimile Page 1]


The Sec referred to last night and S said he was sick about it particularly because of the disarmament business. The Sec asked if there was any more to report. S said no but they will meet on Monday and he hopes to get 1 and 7 and the Sec said fine. S said it is the quantum and to whom and when the Comm should report. S thinks they can settle on the 7—may need a third meeting.

The Sec said he did talk further with the Pres on the Swedish res and we would prefer not to seem to be changing our position at this stage. He understands there will be 13 negative votes and 70 votes for in any event. Does not S think he can handle it by what he says at the time of the voting? The Swedes were wicked to do it without consultation with us. The Sec said the Pres was concerned with the points S raised. The Sec explained in detail including mentioning the fact we may have to go on without de Gaulle on Berlin but we have to have NATO with us. The Sec said if S could come through on this one with us, we will try to. . . . S would like more concert in the future. The Sec suggested having someone on his staff and someone from here like Walner to look ahead through the rest of the items as to how it looks we are going to be voting so we can get at the problems now rather than under pressures of time.

S said he thinks the telegram to Drumright was very good. S said he presented it to Tsiang there and thinks it shook him a good deal. They agreed we can’t be a satellite of theirs.

  1. General Assembly resolutions and current state of play. No classification marking. 1 p. Department of State, Rusk Files, Lot 72 D 192, Telephone Conversations.