103. Disto 34 from Geneva, March 161

[Facsimile Page 1]

Further supplementing and as background to Dean-Godber Tsarapkin conversation reported Disto 30, following summary of preceding meeting with UK Del may be useful.

In meeting with Godber at 2:30 March 15, Dean outlined US position on nuclear test treaty as regards threshold, inspection against preparations, the speeding up of installation of controls, and division of inspection quota between seismic and seismic areas. Added US willingness as “last gasp” to offer sign April 18 treaty as supplemented [Typeset Page 290] by three amendments submitted on May 29 and August 30, 1961. Proposal informal US-UK-USSR meeting to put our proposed changes in treaty to Tsarapkin at 5:00 p.m. Proposed if we get clear rejection by Tsarapkin without even request to study proposal before responding, we would then ask Tsarapkin whether he would sign April 18 treaty as amended by proposals of May 29, August 28 and August 30, 1961, and indicate our willingness to do so.

Godber noted that apart from clarification of our willingness sign April 18 treaty, Dean explanation confirmed views of which Godber informed earlier except as regards additional detail on (1) number of control posts; (2) number of inspections and (3) fact we will retain escalator.

Godber said UK “perfectly happy” go along with sounding out Russians on this basis, coming back finally to April 18 treaty. As to what we called the US “last gasp”, UK would [Facsimile Page 2] hope we had number of additional gasps left in US. Said we were already aware PM’s concern for new approach based on national stations. Said accordingly UK would wish follow up our proposed steps with question to effect that “then what will you sign?” and “are you willing accept any form of international inspection?” said this step essential from standpoint UK presentation to its parliament and people.

Godber repeated interest of UK in system based on national stations for detection supplemented by international verification. Godber said additional steps based on national systems were “first gasp” as far as UK concerned. Stelle pointed out possible trap in any reference now to such possibility since Sovs might seize upon any questions along this line to concentrate thereafter merely upon verification problem and to assume West would accept national (#)2 for detection.

Godber asked what we should say in plenary about tests. Stelle said we would want to go through exploratory stage outside and then might decide whether propose in plenary establishment of subcommittee. It was agreed to suggest to Tsarapkin meeting at 5:00 p.m. and to give him aide memoire on US proposal.

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  2. Omission correction to follow.