102. Notes on Telephone Conversation between Fisher and Ball, March 141

[Facsimile Page 1]

Fisher said he had not yet seen the cables this morning. Ball asked how it was patched up with the British and Fisher replied they were still crowding us on the warning system. We have given considerable amounts of what the test ban would be. Ball asked if any of this had gotten out, and Fisher said he was explaining this to the Joint Committee this morning. They don’t normally leak,—but this idea of our considering abolishing the threshhold, etc., when we said we would go along with it. Some of the details were sent last night.

Fisher said one of the things he should think Ball should do was in some way get him off of resisting the British on the test ban and more interested in the ban problem. We have worried on the test ban too much, as has also the British. There has been too much emotional energy put in it. We should be worrying about missiles. The telegram he sent last night is a first-step in an over-all plan.

  1. Test ban issues with the British. No classification marking. 1 p. Department of State, Secretary’s Memoranda of Conversation: Lot 65 D 330, U Telcon.