Cairo Legation Records

Memorandum by the Minister in Egypt (Kirk)



On this afternoon Mr. Harry Hopkins handed me a copy of the communiqué to be issued in regard to the Anglo American Chinese talks in Cairo and asked me to hold it pending the receipt of instructions from Tehran as to its release. Mr. Hopkins said that the matter of the release had not been decided upon and that I would be given 24 hours notice so that the release by the three interested countries might be simultaneous. Mr. Hopkins added that I should notify the Chinese1 when I got instructions from Tehran. At the conclusion of the conversation I said that it seemed that all I was to do was to see that the U. S. correspondents in Cairo got the communiqué through O. W. I. and Mr. Hopkins replied in the affirmative.

A[lexander] K[irk]
  1. i. e., the Chinese Legation at Cairo.