Tripartite dinner meeting, 8:30 p.m.1

1. The listing of those present is based on the Bohlen minutes. As regards those present for the United States, Churchill, p. 373, and Elliott Roosevelt, pp. 186–191, state that Elliott Roosevelt came in and was seated during the dinner. As regards those present for the Soviet Union, the Log (ante, p. 467) and Churchill, p. 373, mention Molotov as among those who attended.

United States United Kingdom Soviet Union
President Roosevelt Prime Minister Churchill Marshal Stalin
Mr. Hopkins Foreign Secretary Eden Mr. Berezhkov
Mr. Harriman Sir Archibald Clark Kerr
Mr. Bohlen Major Birse
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[368] Bohlen Minutes

Bohlen Collection

  1. See also (1) the Bohlen memorandum summarizing incidental remarks made at various meetings during the course of the Conference, post, p. 836, and (2) the indications, post, pp. 854855, 862863, that the subject of unconditional surrender was discussed at this dinner. For an exchange of remarks between Roosevelt and Stalin, perhaps at this dinner, regarding Russian champagne, see Grace Tully, F. D. R., My Boss, p. 271.