Third plenary meeting, 4 p.m.

United States United Kingdom Soviet Union
President Roosevelt Prime Minister Churchill Marshal Stalin
Mr. Hopkins Foreign Secretary Eden Foreign Commissar Molotov
Mr. Harriman Sir Archibald Clark Kerr Marshal Voroshilov
Admiral Leahy Field Marshal Dill Mr. Pavlov
General Marshall General Brooke Mr. Berezhkov
Admiral King Admiral of the Fleet Cunningham
General Arnold Air Chief Marshal Portal
Major General Deane Lieutenant General Ismay
Captain Royal Lieutenant General Martel
Captain Ware Major Birse
Mr. Bohlen

[373] Bohlen Minutes

Bohlen Collection

[374] Combined Chiefs of Staff Minutes

J. C. S. Files

  1. The listing of those present is based on the Bohlen minutes. The Combined Chiefs of Staff minutes also include in the list of those present, Somervell of the American Delegation and Hollis of the British Delegation.