II. The First Cairo Conference

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  1. J. C. S. 127th meeting.
  2. This was the 127th meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff and their first meeting during the First Cairo Conference.
  3. C. C. S. 128th meeting.
  4. J. C. S. 129th meeting.
  5. C. C. S. 129th meeting.
  6. C. C. S. 130th meeting.
  7. C. C. S. 131st meeting.
  8. See also Grace Tully, F. D. R., My Boss (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1949), p. 270, for a personal letter of November 26, 1943, from Roosevelt to Grace Tully referring briefly to his role (“that of peacemaker”) at the Conference.