Second plenary meeting, 4 p.m.

United States United Kingdom Soviet Union
President Roosevelt Prime Minister Churchill Marshal Stalin
Mr. Hopkins Foreign Secretary Eden Foreign Commissar Molotov
Mr. Harriman Sir Archibald Clark Kerr Marshal Voroshilov
Admiral Leahy Field Marshal Dill Mr. Pavlov
General Marshall General Brooke Mr. Berezhkov
Admiral King Admiral of the Fleet Cunningham
General Arnold Air Chief Marshal Portal
Major General Deane Lieutenant General Ismay
Captain Royal Lieutenant General Martel
Captain Ware Major Birse
Mr. Bohlen

[366] Bohlen Minutes

Bohlen Collection

[367] Combined Chiefs of Staff Minutes

J. C. S. Files

  1. Arnold, pp. 466–467, describes a conversation that he had with Stalin (presumably in conjunction with this plenary meeting) in which Arnold offered additional American bombers in return for permission to use Soviet bases for shuttle bombing. Deane, p. 45, recounts a conversation in which Marshall, Voroshilov, and he participated and which may have occurred at the close of this meeting or of the only other meeting at Tehran (third plenary meeting) attended by these three; the conversation related to Deane’s authority to speak for the American Chiefs of Staff. Somervell stated, in a letter of November 30, 1943, to the Persian Gulf Command, that Stalin had expressed to him (at a time unspecified, perhaps at this meeting) general satisfaction with the work of the Command in delivering supplies to the Soviet Union; see John D. Millett, The Organization and Role of the Army Service Forces (Washington: U. S. Government Printing Office, 1954) in the series United States Army in World War II, p. 80, and the file cited ibid., p. 79, footnote 13.