IV. The Second Cairo Conference


  1. For earlier papers relating to arrangements for the Second Cairo Conference, see ante, pp. 43, 386, 632633.
  2. This was the 133d meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff and their first meeting during the Second Cairo Conference.
  3. C. C. S. 134th meeting.
  4. For a statement of January 3, 1944, to the effect that Roosevelt had discussed a trusteeship for Indochina with the Turks, the Egyptians, and perhaps others while on his trip, see post, p. 864. As the minutes of the discussions with the Turks do not cover this point, it is not clear whether Roosevelt’s discussion of the subject with the Turks took place during the First Cairo Conference (see the reference to his conversation of November 24, 1943, with Saracoğlu, ante, p. 345), or the Second Cairo Conference.
  5. Besides the subjects indicated below as having been discussed by the United States Chiefs of Staff with the British Chiefs of Staff during the meetings held on December 5, 1943, the two groups also discussed on this date the question of making Rome an open city; see post, p. 801.
  6. C. C. S. 135th meeting.
  7. According to the Log, ante, p. 658, the meeting began at 11:30 a.m.
  8. C. C. S. 136th meeting.
  9. According to Churchill, p. 418, Roosevelt—“on the day before his departure from Cairo” (i. e., on December 6)—stated, during a ride to the Pyramids, that he had decided to appoint Eisenhower to command Overlord. No official record of the conversation has been found.
  10. C. C. S. 137th meeting.
  11. The minutes give the time of the meeting as 5 p.m. The Log, ante, p. 660, indicates that the meeting took place at 6 p.m. and that King George of Greece called on Roosevelt at 5 p.m.
  12. C. C. S. 138th meeting.
  13. In addition to the documents printed here, it appears that a memorandum was prepared by Douglas for Roosevelt and Hopkins near the end of the Second Cairo Conference, which showed that landing craft were in inadequate supply for the carrying out of Buccaneer. (Douglas to the Historical Office, June 22, 1956; 023.1/6–2256.) No copy of the memorandum has been found. See, however, Sherwood, p. 800.