87. Memorandum from Kaysen for the Record, March 11

[Facsimile Page 1]


  • Meeting of the Committee of Principals, March 1, 1962, 2:30 P.M.


  • Secretaries Rusk and McNamara, General Lemnitzer, Messrs. Foster, Seaborg, Murrow, Wiesner, Bundy, and others, including Haworth, McGhee, Rostow, Fisher, Nitze, Dean, Beam, Kaysen

After a great deal of discussion, Rusk and McNamara indicated they thought an approach to the 30% cut across the board as a first stage proposal applying to the U.S. and the Soviet Union alone was the most promising approach. Foster indicated that he continued to see an advantage in focusing strategic vehicles only for the first stage.

It was agreed that three subcommittees should look intensively with an early deadline (Monday?) on three questions: the plan on the first basis; the plan on the second basis; and the problems of where to have a production cutoff, including the problems of how to specify the reduction.

Bundy and Murrow indicated the importance of making a strong impression and being in a position to counter Russian propaganda proposals. Wiesner and Kaysen emphasized the importance of inspection procedures and of having some specific view on inspection for the conference. Nitze expressed concern as to whether a zonal inspection system was one which Defense could agree on. It was agreed that the report of the inspection subcommittee now in process would be expected on Monday. March 5

Carl Kaysen
  1. Principals Committee discussion on disarmament stages. Secret. 1 p. Kennedy Library, National Security Files, Kaysen Series, Disarmament, Basic Memoranda, 2/62–4/62.