67. Telegram 1139 to USUN, November 41

[Facsimile Page 1]

Dept has considered views expressed five power meeting reported New York 1350 re handling disarmament item. USDEL should at next five power meeting convey following response to views expressed and seek allied reactions on following further tactical suggestions re handling disarmament item.

1. Endorsement agreed principles:

Although Dept still inclined not [illegible in the original] joint US–USSR res endorsing agreed principles, agrees Italian and Canadian point that there be no appearance retreat from agreed principles and UK point that it would be useful have western initiative endorsing these principles to forestall possible revival Indian principles res. Accordingly suggest early initiative in form res sponsored by US or five powers endorsing principles. Believe also early submission western res would help maintain greater degree western control over debate and tactics. USDEL accordingly should seek five power comments on [Typeset Page 192] text part A res contained DEPTEL 913 with view to submission soon as possible.

2. UN framework:

DEPT agrees Canadian view that negotiating forum should be squarely in UN framework. Believe move to bring this broad and significant aspect East-West dialogue back into UN useful part of general effort [Facsimile Page 2] bolster UN. See advantage in body established by GA as opposed group established outside UN by four power agreement which can more readily be dissolved by SOV walk-out. Believe further that western proposal place negotiations in UN would be responsive increasing sentiment smaller powers for such move, and would help dispel any impression SOVS seek to convey that west opposes participation by neutrals.

3. Forum:

DEPT considers proposal for 20 nation forum appointed by GA as subcommittee of DC, which includes ten nations which participated in Geneva talks in 1960 and ten others on geographical representative basis has decided advantages. This composition permits west to oppose troika formulation, or any variation resembling troika, on grounds of principle, namely that of geographic representation. US can maintain that if present NATO-Warsaw forum to be reconstituted as world forum it must accord adequate representation to rest of world, and that addition of 10 is smallest number that could meet this requirement. Tactically this proposal also offers advantage of outbidding SOVS on number additional states to be included and of dispelling idea western reluctance include neutrals. At same time it is sufficiently large that considerations of geographic representation would probably preclude addition of exclusively QUOTE neutrals UNQUOTE in sense troika principle envisages.

Given these strong points both of principle and tactics we do not consider it necessary to accept any retreat to 5–5–3 or any other combination approximating troika. You should make clear to UK we believe 5–5–3 proposal smacks too much of troika. We believe French might be able to live with 5–5–10 better than 5–5–3.

Agree fully UK point implied NY 1291 para 1, however, that if GA could reach agreement on 20 specific states it would be preferable have their appointment made

  1. Guidance for next five-power meeting on disarmament. Confidential. 2 pp. Department of State, Central Files, 600.0012/10–2661.