Original Foreword

The contents of this publication appeared in monthly installments in the Department of State Newsletter from October 1975 to July 1976. This publication consolidates those articles, which are unaltered except for minor changes and corrections.

The Newsletter series derived from a manuscript completed in 1956 by Richard S. Patterson, then a member of the Historical Division, Department of State. This earlier work has been completely revised, and the last chapter, “Extended and Remodeled New State Building,” consists almost entirely of new material. Two chapters are completely new—“The Period of the Continental Congress, September 1774—October 1781” and “Nassau Hall, Princeton, N.J., June 30, 1783—November 4, 1783.” An Appendix, also new, treats various buildings used as annexes.

Homer L. Calkin, Chief of the Special Studies Branch, Historical Studies Division, directed this revision. Edwin S. Costrell, Chief of the Historical Studies Division, supervised the overall project. Dana J. Johnson, Catherine M. Desseau, and Kathleen Fitzpatrick typed the manuscript. Installments in the Newsletter benefited from the editorial assistance of Catherine F. George and the proofreading of Karen J. Corso and Alyce Fay Hawley. Mary Kay Fleck and Phyllis Young of the Offiсе of Media Services, provided helpful technical assistance in adapting the Newsletter articles for the format of this publication.

Lee H. Burke