No. 444.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Manning.

No. 70.]

Sir: In connection with my No. 47, of the 10th ultimo, relative to the alleged discrimination against the United States carrying trade, I now [Page 699] inclose a copy of a farther letter from Messrs. F. Alexandre & Sons, dated the 25th instant, respecting the subject, and inquiring what progress has been made concerning it. The Department would greatly regret to And that any differential customs duties were actually enforced in Mexico which would constrain this Government to execute the statutes applicable to the case of any discriminating duties or import being ascertained to exist in a foreign country to the disfavor of our carrying flag and the favor of the flag of such country or of any third power.

Awaiting your formal report, I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 70.]

Messrs. Alexandre & Sons to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: We wrote you last on 8th instant, asking then if we could not receive some encouraging news as to what we might expect as to the question now existing of Mexico discriminating against American vessels, to which we have not yet received any answer.

Again we beg to ask yon what are we to expect, as we will be forced to stop the running of our steamers to Mexico if the present discrimination in favor of the Spanish line is allowed to be continued. Every departure of Spanish line shows an increase of business, while our steamers show a marked decrease.

We inclose a memorandum of the cargo that the Spanish steamer Panama took Out March 14 for Vera Cruz and Progreso, in which figure some goods, particularly 113 cases (large) dry-goods, which we can not touch at all, for the 2 per cent. discriminating; less duty ex Spanish line is equal to 75 per cent. of the freight, and so with many other goods. Spanish steamer Mexico yesterday took out a much larger cargo.

We have thought of going on to see you, but feared no use from the long delay this question is being handled, so we beg we receive some answer from you which will decide us if any use going on to see you and what to expect from our Government. We think we are not pressing in our requests, as we have laid this matter before you since November 4.

An early answer will oblige,

Yours, respectfully,

F. Alexandre & Sons.
[Inolosnre 2 in No. 70.]

Cargo of steamship Panama for Progreso and Vera Cruz from New York, March 14, 1887.

Articles. No. Articles. No.
Dry-goods cases 313 Glassware cases 16
Do bales 11 Do barrels 80
Furniture packages 15 Lumber pieces 864
Pumps cases 3 Sewing-machines cases 30
Stationery do 13 Paints and varnish do 16
Petroleum do 100 Paint barrels 2
Lamps and lampware packages 5 Hardware cages 52
Cocoa sacks 143 Nails kegs 34
Hams and meats barrels 17 Ironware packages 45
Lard oil do 30 Canned goods cases 20
Wine do 3 Grindstones 26
Blacking do 2 Log-wood cases 36
Electric goods, etc packages 8 Oil cloth bales 2
Cloves bales 5 Fruit and beans barrels 16