Letter of submittal

To the Senate and House of Representatives:

I transmit herewith a report from the Secretary of State, accompanied with selected correspondence relating to foreign affairs, for the year 1887.

Grover Cleveland.

To the President:

The Secretary of State has the honor to submit herewith, with a view to its transmission to Congress, certain correspondence for the year 1887 in relation to foreign affairs.

Since the commencement of the present session of Congress sundry reports have been made by this Department in response to resolutions of the House of Representatives and of the Senate respectively, and also in the absence of such requests as the public interest has required. The correspondence accompanying the reports referred to is now before Congress.

There are, however, other matters of general public interest upon which special report has not been made, but as to which it would appear to be desirable that Congress should be informed, in order that a connected and comprehensive view may be had of our foreign relations.

To this end the accompanying correspondence is respectfully submitted.

T. F. Bayard.