No. 443.
Mr. Manning to Mr. Bayard.

No. 100.]

Sir: In acknowledging receipt of your No. 65, of the the 19th instant, with inclosures, which came to-day, I would state that my No. 93, of 21st instant, was accompanied by my note, of the same date, to Mr. Mariscal, to the effect that the United States Government could not be satisfied with anything less than the return to its jurisdiction of the prisoners who had been rescued from the custody of the American authorities at Nogales; that no other settlement had been originally entertained or proposed by yourself, either to Señor Romero at Washington or in your telegram to me; and that the misconception arose from the fact that there was an option suggested, bat it applied alone to the Mexican rescuers.

No reply has as yet been received from Mr. Mariscal to my note above referred to.

I am, etc.,

Thos. C. Manning.