No. 67.
Mr. Hall to Mr. Bayard.

No. 589.]

Sir: In continuation of my dispatch No. 579 of the 3d ultimo, I have the honor to inform you that Messrs. José Antonio Roman, of Nicaragua, and Ascension Esquivel, of Costa Rica, commissioners appointed by the Governments of those Republics, in accordance with the invitation of Guatemala, to agree upon the bases for a settlement of the pending difficulties concerning boundaries, arrived at this city on the 29th ultimo; they come accredited to the Government of Guatemala as ministers plenipotentiary. It is understood that they will be received to-day officially by the President, and that on Monday next, 6th instant, they will have their preliminary conference.

Señor Esquivel is the ex-minister for foreign affairs of Costa Rica, who has up to this time directed the negotiations on the part of his Government. * * *

The part that Guatemala will take will be one of friendly mediation whenever invited by both parties. * * *

As a matter that affects the prestige of Guatemala in Central America it is to be expected that the Government and Señor Cruz, the minister for foreign affairs, especially, to whom is due the credit of having taken the initiative steps to bring about these conferences, will make use of every effort to effect a settlement before the commissioners return to their respective states.

I have, etc.,

Henry C. Hall.