No. 60.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Jarvis .

No. 70.]

Sir: I telegraphed you on the 1st instant:

You may continue to use good offices to facilitate further extension of time for laying Pedro Segundo cable. The company represents its intention and capacity to complete the work under its existing contracts. Acknowledge reception.

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I now inclose a copy of the letter from the secretary of the company, pursuant to which the above instruction was sent.

The Department will be gratified to hear that the promoters of the enterprise are successful in their efforts to afford to the commerce of the United States and Brazil the increased telegraphic facilities promised by their project.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.
[Inclosure in No. 70.]

Mr. Wilmot to Mr. Bayard .

Sir: Referring to the subject of our last communication of February 21, 1887, and the favorable consideration by you of our request therein contained, we take the liberty of again addressing you and to say: That the Brazilian Government granted the extension then sought, but owing to unforeseen and unavoidable delays in carrying out our contracts for construction it has been impossible for us to complete and lay our cable within the time of the extension, which will expire the coming month of September.

We have applied to the Brazilian Government for a further extension, and if it is granted we shall be able to give to the commerce of this country the much needed independent-cable communication with South America.

We therefore most respectfully request that you direct, as to you may seem proper, the American representative in Rio de Janeiro to assure the Brazilian Government of the continued good faith of the officers and directors of this company in this great work, and to aid the company’s agent before that Government to obtain the further extension.

With respect, etc.,

De B. Wilmot,