No. 59.
Mr. Trail to Mr. Bayard.

No. 84.]

Sir: On May 1 the following cable was received from you:

Trail, Chargé, Rio:
President expresses solicitude for health of Emperor.


On the same day I delivered the message to the Emperor’s chamberlain, and to-day am in receipt of the following reply by telegraph:

Rio, Maio 4.

Mr. Trail, Chargé d’Affaires, États-Unis Amérique:

Sa Majesté Empereur m’ordonne vous prier vouloir bien transmettre S. E. Mr. Président, États-Unis Amérique les remercîments bien vifs pour les voeux exprimés par votre entremise pour le rétablissement santé. Sa Majesté se trouve mieux. Agréez compliments.

comte d’aljésur,
Chambellan Semaine.

Which was transmitted you by cable, same date, epitomized in this wise:

Bayard, Washington:
Emperor thanks President; is improving.


I have only to add that the court physicians last week moved His Majesty for the third time and that his condition is generally regarded as far from reassuring, light attacks of fever and vomiting recurring at shorter intervals, with increasing feebleness.

I have, etc.,

Charles B. Trail,
Acting Chargé.