No. 505.
Mr. Bomero to Mr. Bayard.


Mr. secretary: Referring to my notes of the 26th March last ahd of the 5th instant, and to your reply of the 8th instant, relative to the occurrence at the ranch of Don Fernando Ortiz, a Mexican citizen and director of the revenue of stamps and mails at San Fernando, near Sasabe, I have the honor to inclose to you, for the purpose mentioned in my two aforesaid notes, a copy of a statement which Ortiz addressed to the governor of the State of Sonora on the 2d instant, from which it appears that on the 30th of last March he was arrested by the marshal of Tucson, and that on the 1st of the present month he was made to appear before the court, which postponed his case to the 11th instant, exacting a bail of $1,000 to enable him to remain at liberty.

Be pleased, etc.,

M. Romero.

Don Fernando Ortiz to the Governor of Sonora.

I have the honor to communicate to you that on the 30th of March last I was arrested at my ranch of San Fernando, Mexican Territory, by the marshal of this city on account of having been accused before the court with having opposed the measurement of said ranch. I have full assurance of my perfect right in regard to the fault of which I am accused, I possessing my land within the territory of Mexico by legal title from the Supreme Government.

On the first day of this month I was made to appear before the court, and I applied to the vice-consul, begging him to accompany me and to do what he could in my behalf, but I did not succeed in this, and I appeared with my attorney. The court postponed my case until the 11th instant, and a bail of $1,000 was exacted from mo in order that I might retain my liberty and appear on the day mentioned.

I return to-day to my ranch, and I bring this statement to your superior knowledge, requesting very respectfully the support of the laws (autoridades) that my country may grant me in the defense of my rights as a Mexican citizen.

I assure you, etc.,

Fernando Ortiz.