No. 448.
Mr. Bayard to Mr. Manning.

No. 77.]

Sir: I inclose for your information, in connection with Department’s recent instructions upon the subject, a copy of a letter from Messrs. Alexandre & Sons, of New York, dated the 2d instant, concerning the alleged discrimination by Mexico against the carrying trade of the United States.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.
[Inclosure in No. 77.]

Messrs. Alexandre & Sons to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: Your favor of 30th ultimo received. We regret to learn from it that your Department has not yet received the precise information it needs to enable it to answer definitely our inquiry as to what to expect from our Government in the matter of discrimination by Mexico of 2 per cent. less duties on goods imported into the Mexican ports of Progreso and Vera Cruz, when imported ex Spanish line of steamers.

It is to be hoped that your Department will very soon be able to decide if we are to expect relief, for if not, then we will have to withdraw our American line of steamers from Mexican trade altogether.

We had hoped that since November 4, when we first officially called your attention to this grave question, your Department would have been able to decide before this as to what action it would take in the matter—a matter which we beg to impress on your mind is an all-important one to us, and consequently to all American shipping interests; for if Mexico is to be allowed to violate its treaty obligations with the United States, then we tell you, we for one will and must have to withdraw our line of steamers to Mexican Gulf ports.

In answer to your inquiry as to the steamers we run in our line to Mexico, we beg to say they are the American steamer City of Puebla, 2,643 tons: the American steamer City of Alexandria, 2,480 tons; the American steamer City of Washington, 2,635 tons; the American steamer Manhattan, 1,600 tons; and each and all are owned by American citizens, as on record—the three first ones entirely by ourselves. To show [Page 710] you the reduced business of our line we beg to state, as taken from our books, that first quarter, i. e., from January 1, 1888, to March 31, 1886, our freights to Yera Cruz and Progreso were $48,096, while for the same period of 1887 were $26,139, a falling oh? of $21,957.

Yours, respectfully,

F. Alexandre & Sons.