No. 380.
Mr. Carter to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: Her Majesty Queen Kapiolani, on embarking for Europe commanded me to address you, requesting you to convey to the honorable Secretaries for War and of the Navy, her grateful thanks for the attentions and honor paid her by the officers of the United States Army at Governor’s Island, and by Commodore Gherardi and officers of the United States Navy at the navy-yard at Brooklyn, on the occasion of her visits at those posts. On both those occasions Her Majesty was the recipient of the kindest attentions, both public and private, and she desires that her very sincere acknowledgments may be properly conveyed to those officers of the Army and Navy of the United States stationed at those posts, and to Captain Kane of the training-ship Minnesota for a royal salute on the occasion of her embarking for Governor’s Island.

I have, etc.,

H. A. P. Carter.