No. 379.
Mr. Carter to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: I am commanded by Her Majesty Queen Kapiolani, on behalf of herself and suite, to thank you for the many kind courtesies extended to them by the United States Government during her visit to Washington, and to say that she will ever cherish the memories of the very pleasant days spent in this capital.

Her Majesty also desires to express her grateful appreciation of the delicate and courteous attentions of Mr. Sevellon Brown, of the State Department, and to ask you to convey to the honorable Secretaries of War and of the Navy fyer high sense of the considerate services of captain Taylor, U. S. Army, and of Lieutenant Rodgers, U. S. Navy, representing their respective branches of the public service in attendance upon her; and also to the officers at the Washington Barracks for the salute and parade on Thursday last, and to the officers at the navy-yard and of the United States vessels Dispatch and Galena for salutes and courtesies.

I shall take great pleasure myself, Mr. Secretary, in detailing to my Government the many courtesies extended to Her Majesty and suite, which add to the notable evidences of the consideration which has ever marked the relations of the United States Government toward the royal family and people of Hawaii and which it is ever the desire of His Majesty and people to reciprocate so far as is possible.

I seize, etc.

H. A. P. Carter.