No. 197.
Mr. Chang Yen Soon to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: Upon the receipt of the sum of money which the honorable Congress of the United States had voted, through the generous recommendation of His Excellency the President, to indemnify the unfortunate Chinese for their losses sustained, at Rock Springs, in Wyoming Territory, [Page 244] this legation proceeded to have the proper distribution made to the respective sufferers by the Chinese consul-general at San Francisco, according to the list of estimates on file, with as much care as it was possible to observe. The distribution was completed on the 28th day of August last. In discharging this duty it has been found that the losses of six of the claimants had been repeated; but, being instructed by my Imperial sovereign to execute the distribution in the most precise and conscientious manner, I deem it proper to cause the return of the respective amounts above mentioned to be made to the United States Government as a proof of good faith on the part of this legation.

By reference to the attached statement it will be seen that the total sum of these repeated claims is $480.75, which I have now the pleasure of returning to you by the accompanying inclosure, an acknowledgment of which will be gratefully received by me. I desire, also, to improve the occasion to make known to you, Mr. Secretary, the deep gratitude with which my poor countrymen have received the indemnity for their losses and the great blessing it has proved to them after the wretched condition in which they were left by the events of 2d of September, 1885.

I have, etc.,

Chang Yen Hoon.


The repetition of claims in the Rock Springs indemnity by the Chinose residents is as follows:

Loni Yee Tsun $133.25
Lo Wing Ngoon 33.25
Loui Hok Lim 77.00
Chun Sing Ip 154.50

The above-named claimants were those that lived in their respective huts at Rock Springs, Wyo., on September 2, 1885.

Hsu Cheong Yieh $41.25
Choo Kin Hung 41.25

These two claimants belonged to camps No. 19 and No. 34.

These six items amount to $480.75.