254. Telegram 7123 from CIA to Agency personnel in Nicaragua, April 181

[Facsimile Page 1]

OPIM [1 line not declassified]

RYBAT [1 line not declassified]

FOR [1 line not declassified]

1. Authority now granted for use cargo aircraft to deliver improvised napalm bombs to isolated airstrips. Targets should be in order San Julian AB, Santiago AB, San Antonio AB, Managua, Nueva Gerona AB, caution crews to avoid residential areas.

2. Dept. of the Air Force beach resupply to begin night 19 April thereby relieving your transports. Suggest Wimby begin improvising Napalm Bombs for use night 19 April. Drop time approx 20/0700Z.

3. NBR ACFT used and launch, your discretion.

End of message

S.W. Beerly,
  1. Approval of use of cargo aircraft to deliver napalm bombs and beach resupply schedule. Top Secret. 1 p. CIA Files: Job 85–00664R, Box 4, Vol I.