October 30, 1962

458. Memorandum for the record, October 30

Daily White House staff meeting including discussion of aerial surveillance; communications with Latin America; Executive order on shipping restrictions to Cuba; press leaks; press speculation re intelligence gathering; Cuban exiles; Adenauer visit; Nitze Subcommittee. Secret. 3 pp. NDU, Taylor Papers, Box 25, Chairman’s Staff Meetings.

459. NSC Executive Committee record of action, October 30

Current intelligence; U–2 flights; press restrictions; Executive order on Cuban shipping; Cuban exiles. Top Secret. 2 pp. Kennedy Library, NSF, Meetings and Memoranda Series, Excom Meetings, Vol. II, Meetings 11–16.

460. Notes from transcripts of JCS meeting, October 30

Briefing by DIA re October 29 photography of missile sites in Cuba. Secret. 2 pp. DOD, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of Joint History.

461. Memorandum from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to McNamara, October 30

Points to consider in current negotiations on the removal of Soviet offensive capabilities from Cuba. Top Secret. 2 pp. WNRC, OASD/ISA Files; FRC 65 A 3501, Cuba 1962, 381 Jan–Oct.

462. Memorandum from McCone to the Attorney General, McNamara, Rusk, and General Taylor, October 30

Information on intelligence collecting infiltration and guerrilla warfare teams. Secret. 1 p. Kennedy Library, NSF, Countries Series, Cuba, Subjects, Intelligence Materials, 10/1/62–11/12/62.

463. Memorandum from Edwin M. Martin to Rusk, October 30

Guarantees from Cuba with respect to subversive activities. Secret. 3 pp. DOS, CF, 737.00/10–3062.

464. List of Outstanding Issues prepared for the NSC Executive Committee, October 30

List covers: theory of operation; short-term verification requirements; long-term verification requirements; political arrangements. Top Secret. 3 pp. Kennedy Library, NSF, Countries Series, Cuba, General, Vol. IV(b).