October 29, 1962

450. Memorandum for the record, October 29

Daily White House staff meeting including discussion of quarantine developments; Presidential TV statement; Berlin; AID in FY 64; aerial reconnaissance of Cuba by UN; critique of crisis. Secret. 2 pp. National Defense University, Taylor Papers, Chairman’s Staff Group, Oct–Nov 1962.

451. NSC Executive Committee record of action, October 29

Current intelligence on Cuba; establishment of Coordinating Committee; quarantine and aerial reconnaissance; air reserves call-up; UN arrangements for verification; agenda for new Coordinating Committee. Top Secret. 1 p. Kennedy Library, NSF, Executive Committee, Meetings, Vol. II, Meetings, 11–16.

452. Memorandum from Komer to McGeorge Bundy, October 29

Report on Planning Group meeting and proposal for a U.S.-Soviet summit. Secret. 1 p. Kennedy Library, NSF, Meetings and Memoranda Series, Staff Memoranda, Robert W. Komer, Vol. I.

453. Notes from transcripts of JCS meeting, October 29

Jupiter missile deal; UN inspection and surveillance; U.S. readiness posture. Secret. 3 pp. DOD, Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of Joint History.

454. Memorandum of telephone conversation between McCloy and Rusk, October 29

Quarantine inspection at sea; UN weapon inspections in Cuba; disarmament. No classification marking. 2 pp. WNRC, RG 330, OASD (C) A Files: FRC 71 A 2896, Cuba 1962, (McN Working Papers).

455. NSC Executive Committee record of action, October 29

UN developments; IRC inspections; on-site inspections; lifting of U.S. quarantine; inspection system; political developments. Top Secret. 2 pp. Kennedy Library, NSF, Meetings and Memoranda Series, Excom Meetings, Vol II, Meetings 11–16.

456. Telegram 909 from Rio de Janeiro, October 29

General Albino to visit to Havana to talk with Castro. Top Secret. 2 pp. DOS, CF, 737.56361/10–2962.

457. Memorandum from Schlesinger to the President, October 29

Post mortem on Cuba. Confidential. 3 pp. Kennedy Library, NSF, Countries Series, Cuba, General, vol. IV(B).