October 1961

[273a] 273A. Survey Report by CIA Inspector General Kirkpatrick, October 1961

Survey of the Cuban Operation with Annexes. 216 pp. Top Secret. CIA, DCI Files, History Staff Files, Job 85–00664R.

274. Memorandum from C. Tracy Barnes to Chief, WH–4, October 6

Confirmation of requests re Cuba. Secret. 1 p. CIA, DDO/DDP Files: Job 78–01450R, Box 1, Area Activity—Western Hemisphere—Cuba.

275. Memorandum to Park F. Wollam, October 6

Transmits paper entitled “What Would Happen If Castro Died?” Secret. 8 pp. CIA, DDO/DDP Files: Job 73–00853R, Box 1, WH Division Liaison with Department of State.

276. Memorandum for the Special Group, October 12

Cuban program report. Secret. 12 pp. DOS, INR/IL Historical Files, S.G. 15, October 20, 1961.