November–December 1960

232. Briefing papers used to brief President-elect Kennedy, November 18

Covert action program to replace Castro government. Secret. 6 pp. CIA, DDO/DDP Files: Job 64–00352R, Box 4, US Govt—President, Memoranda, Letters, Reports re CIA Relations with President and Cabinet.

233. Memorandum from Joseph W. Scott to Livingston Merchant, December 6

Transmits memorandum recommending a program of covert action to remove the Castro regime. Top Secret. 9 pp. DOS, INR/IL Historical Files, Cuba Program, Nov. 1960–Jan. 20, 1961.

234. Notes of a Special Group meeting, December 29

Overall plan for covert actions in Cuba. Secret. 2 pp. CIA, DDO/LA/COG Files: Job 82–00679R, Box 3, Special Group Meetings—Cuba.