May 1961

260. Memorandum from Jacob D. Esterline to the Chief, WH/4/PM, May 2

Straightening out dates of strike force concept for the Taylor Committee. Secret. 2 pp. CIA Files: Job 85–00664R, Box 2, vol III, Part III.

261. CIA memorandum, May 3

Detailed statement of the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of the D-day air strike. Secret. 3 pp. CIA, DDO/LA/COG Files: Job 82–00679R, Box 3, Papers Furnished the Green Committee.

262. Memorandum from C. Tracy Barnes to the Deputy Director (Plans), May 8

Propaganda, paramilitary, political, intelligence and budget actions to be taken resulting from Cuban invasion. Secret. 2 pp. CIA, DDO/DDP Files: Job 67–01083R, Box 1, C.T. Barnes—Chrono, Jan–Jul 1961.

263. Memorandum, May 24

Special Group consideration of the strike force concept. Secret. 12 pp. CIA, DDO/LA/COG Files: Job 82–99679R, Box 3, Gen Maxwell Taylor, Green Study Group, Vol II.

264. Memorandum for the record, May 26

Post D-day supply drops review. Secret. 2 pp. CIA Files: Job 85–00664R, Box 4, Vol I.