File No. 312.11/6947.

Admiral Winslow to the Secretary of the Navy .


M–3095, Annapolis from Topolobampo reports:

No indication any Carranza forces returning to Los Mochis. In my opinion, Carrancista campaign against Indians was a farce from beginning to end and [Page 842] had for its sole object to gather up the loot which the Indians had collected. When this was completed, the Carranza forces were withdrawn, as it appeared always to have been their intention to do, leaving the Americans in the vicinity to mercy of Indians. The Carranza authorities must have known that the withdrawing of his forces from Fuerte River would result in great Indian raids on the Americans, especially as the Carrancista Indian campaign from Los Mochis had embittered the Indians against all the people of the locality. The result has been a shameful loss of property and the terrifying of over one hundred American citizens. Under these circumstances it appears the least that should be done by way of reparation is for Carranza force to immediately re-garrison Los Mochis, so as to save the valuable American-owned property still left there, and to prosecute agitators and inaugurate real campaign against these Indians so as to remove all threats of danger from San Bias for very long time to come.

New Orleans from Guaymas reports:

General Dieguez has been kept informed of substance of reports from U. S. S. Annapolis. He states in telegram this afternoon that he issued urgent orders that an adequate force be sent to Los Mochis.

From past experience too much confidence cannot be placed in the assurances given by these leaders.