File No. 312.11/7062.

Consul Alger to the Secretary of State.

No. 697.]

Sir: I have the honor to advise that on November 18, 1916, I received wire from Acting Consular Agent at Los Mochis, Sinaloa, from Topolobampo, stating that Indians and Villistas had occupied the city, same having been abandoned by the Carrancistas; that American property had been destroyed and American colony compelled to flee to save their lives; that if assistance is not given at once, the colony will lose their all and become destitute.

I at once called the attention of the local military authorities, asking for protection; also wired to General Muñoz, military chief of this State, and to General Dieguez. I herewith enclose copies of these telegrams.

I have [etc.],

Wm. E. Alger.
[Inclosure 1—Telegram.]

Consul Alger to General Muñoz.

I request protection for American property in Los Mochis. According to advices received, Americans were compelled to abandon their property and flee to save their lives.

I request the pursuit, capture and punishment of those responsible for the killing of American citizen Goldsborough, assassinated at Bateve on November 4.

I call to your attention your message of November 8. I am notified from Cocoyolitas Ranch that, in spite of your orders, nothing has been done to remedy the situation as to guaranties of foreign interests in that locality.

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[Inclosure 2—Telegram.]

Consul Alger to General Dieguez.

I respectfully request protection for the lives and property of Americans in the State of Sinaloa.

On November 4, an American citizen was killed at Bateve; on November 6, an American citizen was assassinated at Quimichis Ranch; on November 4, the Cocoyolitas Ranch was raided; and on November 16, American property destroyed at Los Mochis, and the American families forced to abandon their property and to flee for their lives to Topolobampo.

Up to date I have no advices of anything being done, in any of the above cited cases, by the authorities to remedy the situation. I therefore appeal to you.