File No. 312.11/6943.

Admiral Winslow to the Secretary of the Navy.


M–3093. Annapolis from Topolobampo reports:

Americans considered situation serious. They started for Topolobampo early today. All have arrived here except 9 men, 1 boy and 2 women; 33 refugees, mostly women and children, are on U. S. S. Annapolis; others are in Topolobampo. Local Mexican authorities and a few soldiers who have been in Topolobampo left in a schooner. I have landed no one. We have a signalman and a boat at the dock. American civilians have organized outposts and patrols to guard town. They are very confident Indians will not attempt to enter Topolobampo. Landing force ready on board. Refugees have some clothing and beds but no supplies. * * *

Indians looted Los Mochis and vicinity very thoroughly this morning. * * *

New Orleans reports:

General Dieguez has been told of situation Los Mochis and requested to take immediate steps to remedy it.