File No. 312.11/6942.

Admiral Winslow to the Secretary of the Navy .


M–3090. Received from U. S. S. Annapolis the following radiogram: [Page 841]

Los Mochis was raided this morning early by Indians and Villistas. Four Mexicans and one English subject reported killed. The property of the United Sugar Companies and other American property was looted. The representative of the United Sugar Companies believes the situation is grave. The Indians and Villistas left Los Mochis again on November 16. Have advised Americans, particularly women and children, through Mr. Page of the United Sugar Companies, to take asylum here. I do not think it advisable to send such a weak force as we have to Los Mochis.

The U. S. S. New Orleans reports having received from General Dieguez the following message:

General Muñoz, Military Commander Sinaloa, has been ordered to retain at Los Mochis a detachment for the protection of that region.

Notwithstanding their promises, the local military authorities cannot be relied upon to keep a sufficient garrison. I recommend that a reliable guaranty be secured by the Department from the Carranza Government that there be constantly maintained in the Yaqui Valley and at Los Mochis a strong military force. A general massacre of all foreigners may occur at any time unless this is accomplished or we send an expeditionary force to the country.

Have directed the U. S. S. Raleigh to remain off Topolobampo where she recently arrived. * * *