No. 700.
To diplomatic officers abroad.

Sir: In order to secure more uniformity than at present exists in the quarterly returns of passports issued by our diplomatic representatives abroad, blank forms for passport applications have been prepared in this Department, a package of which will be sent you soon, adapted to both native and naturalized citizens. They are to be filled out and sworn to in duplicate by the applicant, one copy being retained, filed, and indexed in the legation, and the other transmitted here, with a statement of the fees received during the quarter for passports. These forms being intended to suit all countries, may contain some statements inapplicable or superfluous in yours but too much care cannot be exercised in granting passports, especially to persons representing themselves as naturalized citizens, and it is often found important in this Department to have on file the statements made by applicants at the legations abroad. The oath of allegiance alone, which is transmitted by many of the legations, is of itself not a conclusive evidence of citizenship, and should be accompanied by such further details as it is the object of these forms to supply. These forms will be supplied to you as needed, by this Department, on application, and any suggestions from your legation, as to desirable additions or alterations, will be carefully considered.

I am, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.