No. 7.
Mr. Hanna to Mr. Bayard .

No. 71.]

Sir: In continuation of the report contained in my No. 61, of December 16, 1886, relative to the presence and progress of cholera in the Argentine Republic, I have now the satisfaction to say it seems to have run its course and finished its deadly work.

At all events this is clearly the fact in the outside provinces. We still have some cholera in Buenos Ayres, but, with a moderation of the very warm weather we have recently had, hope it will very soon disappear entirely. However, February is generally a pretty warm month, and cooler weather may not set in permanently before the middle of March.

In Rosario, Tucuman, Mendoza, and other interior localities, where it was so bad in December and January, it has almost entirely disappeared, and seems to have extended its deadly march beyond the mountains into Chili and Bolivia, where it is now raging with great fatality and causing widespread dismay.

Last month there were 596 cases in this city, of which number 336 were fatal.

* * * * * * *

The figures for the close of the month show a steady decline, which is still going on. It broke out in November, reached a maximum mortality in December, steadily declined in the last two weeks of January, so that now we venture to hope it may soon disappear altogether. During the three months just passed the figures are as follows in the city of Buenos Ayres:

Months. Cases. Deaths.
November 183 130
December 712 353
January 596 336
Total 1,491 819

This showing indicates that nearly 55 per cent, of the cases were fatal.

* * * * * * *

I have, etc.,

Bayless W. Hanna.