No. 602.
Mr. Bayard to Baron Rosen.

Baron: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 19th instant communicating the proposition of the Imperial Government to the governments Who have expressed their intention to participate in the Fourth International Prison Congress which meets at St. Petersburg, in 1890, to formulate, before September 1, 1887, the questions which they would, like to submit for discussion at the congress, also “to communicate the names of the scientists Who would be willing to assume the task of reporting on any of the questions proposed for discussion in the official programme of the congress adopted at the conference at Berne.”

I inclose in reply a copy* of the message of the President, which announced to Congress the invitation to the United States to participate in the congress of 1890, and have the honor to say that a draught of a joint resolution appropriate for carrying out the suggestions of the President’s message was transmitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations February 3, 1887.

Congress however, seems not yet to have taken the necessary action to enable this Government to definitively respond to the propositions of jour note.

Accept, etc.,

T. F. Bayard.
  1. See For. Rels, 1886.