No. 595.
Mr. Lothrop to Mr. Bayard.

No. 122.]

Sir: Mr. Emil Stacker, who now appears to be residing at Odessa, having been refused a passport by me, desires me to present his appeal to you.

The father of Mr. Stacker was a naturalized American citizen, who, shortly after his naturalization, returned to Europe, and died at Paris in April last. It does not appear that he ever returned to the United States after leaving it, shortly after his naturalization.

Emil Stucker was born in England, May 12, 1863, and after his father was naturalized. He has never been in the United States, and does not express any purpose to go there to reside. He appears to have been for some years engaged in business in Europe. Some years ago, being in Bremen, and called suddenly to go to Russia on urgent business, and finding that he could only obtain an American passport by going to Paris, for which there was not time, he obtained temporarily “British protection,” but did not take, and never has taken, any oath of allegiance to Great Britain.

On these facts Mr. Stucker claims to be an American citizen by birth.

Under the rulings of the Department in somewhat similar cases I was of the opinion that he was not an American citizen, and declined to issue to him a passport. At his request I now submit his case for your decision.

I am, etc.,

George V. N. Lothrop.