No. 588.
Mr. Lothrop to Mr. Bayard.

No. 110.]

Sir: On the 27th of January last, Adolph Lipszyc wrote me that he was “as good as under arrest of 500 rubles bond,” which I understood to mean that he was on bail in that sum. He also asked of me permission to come to St. Petersburg, which, I answered him, I had no authority to give.

Since then I have not been able to hear a word from or about him until this morning, though I wrote him on January 31 and on March 17. This morning I have a note from the foreign office saying that Lipszyc’s brother had paid 500 rubles on account of bail, and given his personal guaranty for Lipszyc, and that the latter had been set at liberty on January 31 last.

I infer that the charge against Lipszyc is still retained, and that his bail is given to answer to it.

I suppose that Lipszyc has left the country, though I have no information on the point.

As matters now stand I do not see that I am called on to do anything more.

As Thiessen is out of the country and Lipszyc probably so, I am glad to say that no American citizen is under detention here so far as I know.

I am, etc.,

Geo. V. N. Lothrop.