No. 564.
Mr. Buck to Mr. Bayard.

No. 216.]

Sir: I herewith inclose copy of a note received on the 9th instant from the foreign office, with a translation and a copy of my reply.

The purpose of this request from the minister was to obtain information in aid of the tax assessor or collector in carrying into effect a law of contributions passed by the last Congress. Under this (in view of the decentralization law which was finally enacted, placing the obligation on the provinces and departments of their own support and management of their fiscal affairs—see relative to said act my No. 142, of August 20, 1866), among other things, a poll or head tax has been imposed.

I also inclose a copy of the decree of the sub-prefect of Lima, published March 3, and translation. I think a note similar to that I inclose from the foreign office has been sent to all the legations here.

I have, etc,

Chas. W. Buck.
[Inclosure 1 in No. 216.]

Mr. Chacaltana to Mr. Buck.

Sir: Complying with a request mane to this ministry by the prefect of this department, I take the liberty of asking your excellency to be pleased to forward me one list of the citizens of the nation which your excellency so worthily represents, who are domiciled in this capital, specifying the name, age, profession, street, and number of the house in which each one lives, including in it those from twenty-five to sixty years old, and another list, including in it those from seventeen to twenty-one years old, with the same specifications.

I avail, etc.,

Cesáreo Chacaltana.
[Page 933]
[Inclosure 2 in No. 216.]

Mr. Buck to Mr. Chacaltana.

No. 46.]

Sir: I received last evening your excellency’s note of the same date, requesting one list of citizens of the United States, resident in this capital, specifying the name, age, profession, street, and number of the house inhabited of each, including those from twenty-five to sixty years, and another of those from seventeen to twenty-one years, with the same particulars.”

I have to reply, as the United States Government does not require registry of its citizens, this legation is not in possession of the information requested by your excellency.

With assurances that for all purposes contemplated by my commission and instructions as understood by me, I am at your excellency’s disposition. I renew, etc.,

Chas. W. Buck.
[Inclosure 3 in No. 216.—Translation from “El Comercio” of March 3, 1887.]


With all due formalities, the following decree has been published:

Julio Aguirre, sub-prefect and chief of police of Lima.

Whereas (1) The law of fiscal decentralization and the regulation providing for the assessment and collection of the departmental taxes having been enacted, it is proper to enforce them.

(2) It being ordered in articles 56 and 57 of the same regulation of the 20th December, of the year last passed, it is the duty of the sub-prefect of the province to call all the inhabitants together for the purpose of drawing up the registers, as well as to form the board which is to provide for the same.

I decree:

  • Article 1. All inhabitants of the province over 17 and under 60 years are called on to present themselves before the board of registration of their respective districts, with all the data relating to the income from their property, capital, or business, the list of the persons dwelling in their house, close, or shop, within the peremptory term of fifteen days, counted from this date; those violating this provision being subject to the penalties mentioned in the said regulation.
  • Article 2. The board of registration, to which the said regulation refers, occupies one of the rooms of the building assigned to the prefecture of the department, and the boards of the other districts the buildings of the respective administrations.

  • Julio Aguiree.
  • José Aniceio Romero,